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Many start ups and small business owners have employees (and the issues that accompany them!) but don’t have the expertise in house to effectively manage and motivate their talent. At uptreeHR Inc., we are all about setting clear expectations. We help you implement simple policies that keep you nimble and able to manage your team through the evolution of your business. We are passionate about creating the culture you want and processes that ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees.

Most clients start with a current state assessment where we come in and evaluate your current HR practices to identify gaps, inefficiencies, or general opportunities for improvement. Next, we help you develop an HR strategy that will help you lead your team, execute on your business objectives, and increase overall performance.

Other clients simply have quick tasks that require guidance. This could be assistance with their hiring process, writing contracts, policy development, help with a performance issue or legal advice on an employee termination. Therefore, we offer task and project based pricing for these smaller assignments.

We understand that small business owners have to make frugal decisions and minimize financial risk. That’s why we offer high quality packaged business solutions that are custom to your specific needs. We tell you upfront how much it will cost so you don’t have to watch the clock during our meetings or worry about that invoice at the end of the month. Let us manage the solution so you can get back to running your business.

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