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Network Overview

Most people start consulting because they want to be their own boss and have some flexibility. Some want to help others, share their expertise and make an impact. No matter what your reasons, consulting can be fun, energizing and very rewarding.

It can also be kind of lonely – there I said it. I never thought I would miss the corporate world but there are parts that I often long for again. Like bouncing ideas off others, getting advice, sharing tools, and sometimes the occasional venting session – we have all needed that once in a while.

Then one day a dear friend reached out because she heard I was consulting and wanted some advice. I was able to share some strategy and templates with her and since then we often reach out to one another for help. I thought it would be great to expand this approach and create a group of HR Consultants who could do the same. Work together, collaborate, and share, all with the goal of delivering greater service to our clients and growing our businesses.

The uptreeHR Network was born.

We now have a network of highly capable Consultants and Freelancers who are perfecting their approach, pricing for value rather than hours, and growing their business simply by sharing and collaborating with others. Our members experience the following incredible features of the network:

  • Monthly Mastermind calls where you can discuss your business challenges, successes, and wins while obtaining expert advice from those who have experienced the same.
  • Quarterly one-on-one coaching calls.
  • Exposure on our website including company profile, link to your website and blog posts.
  • Social media marketing in your region and beyond.
  • Professional development and business growth webinars throughout the year.
  • Access to our uptreeHR Network library of policy, forms, tools management training decks.
  • Monthly newsletters showcasing new members, big member wins, and network events.
  • Invitation to our Annual Grow Your Biz Event consisting of professional development specifically for Consultants, networking opportunities, and lots of fun!


This mix of collaboration, marketing and business development is the recipe for success in your business.
So, let’s see how much all of this would cost if you bought these tools individually elsewhere:



Annual Cost

Professionally Managed Mastermind Up to $500/mth $6000
Professional Coaching $350/session X 4 sessions $1400
Website Exposure $40/mth $480
Social Media Advertising $100/mth $1200
Webinars $45/mth $540
Document Library Subscription $125/mth $1500
Total Cost If purchased separate elsewhere $11,120.00

Our Price: ONLY $375/month (tax inc.)

That’s a Savings of 60%!

This is a true investment in your business. How much business would you have to gain to experience a return on this investment? One new client or project could have this membership paying for itself!

To learn more Contact Us or accelerate your business today and Join Now!

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