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What Exactly is Hiring Support? 

Hiring Support

Includes job posting creation, posting (fees extra), pre-screens, interview booking, facilitation of up to 6 interviews, reference checks, offer creation and call backs to unsuccessful candidates.

Hiring Support Package ($1995.00)

Can’t afford the cost of a Head-hunter or Recruitment Firm? This option is for you!
The Hiring Support Package is an alternative solution that works in partnership with you and your business to hire qualified talent. Here’s how it works:
1. With your input, we develop a job posting and manage the posting
2. We collect and review resumes, then send you the qualified candidates.
3. You shortlist the candidates
4. We pre-screen and book the candidates
5. We build a position-specific interview guide
6. We participate and/or lead the interviews
7. We evaluate and discuss the candidates
8. You make a decision
9. We manage the offer and negotiation process
10. We build and issue the employment contract (optional)
11. We contact unsuccessful candidates
This is a great collaborative option for small business owners. It provides more support throughout the process and our clients tend to learn something new every time! Contact us today for more information.

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